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Teacher Training


Teacher Training

Teacher Training 

Our Teacher Training offerings stand alone or can be incorporated into your studio's 200 or 300 hour Teacher Training programs.  Yoga Alliance CECs are available. 

Basic Musculo-Skeletal Anatomy for Yoga & Fitness Instructors

This 2 day course is designed for yoga and fitness instructors who wish to deepen their understanding of the musculo-skeletal system. While there is some lecture, we believe in experiential learning.  So there will be   demonstration, experimentation and practical application throughout the class so that students learn their own anatomy from the inside out. 

  • Vocabulary to read and describe joint and limb movement and anatomical relationships.
  • Joint structure and function of the major joints.
  • How and which muscles create movement in the ankle, knee, hip, spine, shoulder and elbow. 
  • Mechanics of breathing.
  • How to use ground reaction forces and intention to change the forces across a joint. 
  • How to create joint stability when increasing joint range of motion.

Upcoming Trainings

  • September 25-26, 2015 Yoga Anatomy at FlyDog Yoga in Charlottesville, VA
  • October 3-4, 2015 Yoga Anatomy at Spark Yoga in Arlington, VA
  • October 16-18, 2015 Yoga Anatomy at the Power Yoga Tribe in Palm Beach, Fl 

Advanced Musculo-skeletal Anatomy for Yoga & Fitness Instructors

This is an in-depth and experiential look at the human musculo-skeletal anatomy that is broken into 3 two day modules.  The Lower Extremity module covers the foot, ankle, knee and hip.  The Upper Extremity module covers the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand.  The Trunk and Spine module covers the sacra-iliac joint, ribs, breathing and the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine.   

  • Review of terminology for planes of motion and anatomical relationship.
  • In-depth look at the joint structure and the muscles that act on the joint.
  • Biomechanical analysis of joint structure and function for selected joints in asana.
  • Use of intention and ground reaction forces to change forces across a joint.
  • Discussion of common injuries and demonstration of methods to modify asanas and appropriately progress as joint heals. 

Prerequisite: Basic Anatomy or prior approval by the instructor

Hands on Assisting

This fun and experiential 2 day course is designed for yoga and fitness instructors who wish improve their hands on skills with their students.  We explore how the body moves in asana and ways to facilitate ease and increase intensity of asana through physical touch.

You will learn:

  • How to use bony landmarks to appropriately touch or apply pressure to your students.
  • Proper posture and alignment for assisting
  • Communication through touch, not words
  • To co-create asana with your student
  • The various types of assists and when and how to apply them

Bring: Your mat, 2 hand towels, a mat towel, notebook/pen, change of clothing (each day), lots of water and snacks

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Amy is leading the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Spark Yoga in Arlington, VA.   The Fall 2015 training will be held on the following weekend dates.  Class will run FRI 6-9PM; SAT 8AM-7:30 PM; SUN 8AM-5:15 PM.  

  • SEPTEMBER 11-13
  • OCTOBER 2-4
  • NOVEMBER 6-8
  • DECEMBER 4-6
  • JANUARY 8-10
  • FEBRUARY 5-7
  • MARCH 4-6

Pre-Requisite For Yoga TT: 6 Months Yoga Practice, Available To Commit To All Training Hours, Strong Physical/Mental/Emotional Health, Desire To Learn

Investment (Apply/Pay By):
July 31 $2750
Aug 7 $2850
Aug 14 $2900
After Aug 15 $3000

Deposit: $500 Includes $100 Application Process

SIGN UP HEREhttp://www.sparkyoga.com/200hr-yoga-tt-fall2015

*Tuition Due Upon Acceptance. Payment Plans Available. E-Mail Info@SparkYoga.com

Location: Arlington Studio - 2201 N Pershing Drive, Suite G

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Our workshops are for yoga students and teachers alike.  

YOGA PERSONAL Training Certification with Wild Abundant Life

This is a 300/500 Hour Module in Wild Abundant Life's Teacher Training Program, Open-To-All:  

Did you know that teaching a private yoga lesson is NOT the same as teaching a yoga class? It’s an entirely different format and tool set. Becoming a Yoga Personal Trainer is yet another way to build your yoga business and set yourself up for success. Take on private students and your business will explode.

Get skills to rapidly advance progress for yourself and your students. Get the necessary tools to set up a private lesson yoga business or add Yoga Personal Training clients to your current business.

Learn lesson formats, strategies, curricular tools & more while delving into:

• sport specific training (how to train athletes & pro-teams)
• risk factor screening demonstration and observation
• injury rehabilitation via private session
• working with special populations
• alignment assessment and how to properly realign the body
• appropriate sequences, progressions & modifications
• empowering students to safely move past injury into possibility
• removing barriers so breakthrough is possible
• business strategies to build your Yoga Personal Training clientele

COST: $495.00 early bird / $695 regular price / $795 late sign up

This is a 300/500 Hour Module (Wild Abundant Life), however you do not have to be a yoga teacher to attend, so it is also classified as OPEN-TO-ALL. Non-teachers who are curious about self-healing or exploration are encouraged to attend.  Sign up through WAL at http://wildabundantlife.com/ypt.

Yoga for Back Pain

If you or your students have back pain while exercising or during normal life activities this workshop is for you. You will learn:

  • Anatomy of common spinal problems
  • How to use yoga postures to strengthen your core muscles
  • How to modify yoga postures that cause discomfort.
  • Proper progression for your exercise program. 

Come prepared to take notes, experiment and practice what you learn.  We typically conclude with a 60 minute yoga practice using the principles shared during the workshop.  (2.5 Hours)

 Next offering is at the Power Yoga Tribe in Jupiter Beach, Florida on November 15, 2014.  Scroll through workshops to sign up.

Yoga for Shoulder Pain 

If you or your students have shoulder pain while exercising or during your normal daily activities come to this workshop.  You will learn:

  • Anatomy of common shoulder problems
  • How to use yoga postures to strengthen your shoulder girdle 
  • How to modify yoga postures that cause discomfort
  • Proper progression for your exercise program

Come prepared to take notes, experiment and practice what you learn.  We typically conclude with a 60 minute yoga practice using the principles shared during the workshop. (2.5 Hours)

Yoga for Low Back and Hip Pain 

If you or your students suffer from low back, SI or hip pain during exercise or daily activities, come to this workshop.  You will learn:

  • Anatomy of common spinal, SI and hip problems.
  • How to use yoga postures to strengthen your core muscles
  • How to modify yoga postures that cause discomfort
  • Proper progression for your exercise program

Come prepared to take notes, experiment and practice what you learn.  We typically conclude with a 60 minute yoga practice using the principles shared during the workshop. (2.5 Hours)  

Power Yoga at the Wall 

Find new possibilities in your yoga practice by using the wall as your tool.  Discover your muscles, improve your balance, enhance your standing postures and safely prepare your body for arm balances and inversions with the wall.  After powering up your practice, we will turn the wall into a restorative aid.  Class will end with a  series of relaxing poses using the wall as a support. Take this workshop and turn your yoga practice upside down.   (2.0 hours)  

What to bring: mat, towel and lots of water

Yoga BootCamp

Has your practice reached a plateau?  Treat yourself to a day long yoga immersion. Delve deeper into several classical yoga practices including asana (physical exercise), pranayama (breathing exercise), meditation, study of the yoga sutras (scriptures) and personal inquiry.   This day of self-care and reflection can be transformative and a perfect way to jumpstart your yogic journey or breakthrough a mental or physical plateau. 

What to bring: mat, towel, notebook/pen, change of clothes, water and your lunch.

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Yoga Personal Training

Yoga Personal Training

Yoga Personal Training

Take your practice to a new level.  Amy offers one-on-one and small group (up to 3) personal yoga training.  Your yoga session is designed specifically for you to meet your needs and goals.  Following are some of the reasons people choose Yoga Personal Training:

  • New to yoga
  • Improve sports performance
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Prevent injury
  • Depression
  • Master challenging poses
  • Breakthrough plateaus in your yoga practice
  • Specialized attention

Yoga Personal Training is a great gift for the yogi and non-yogi alike.  

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Yoga Life Coaching

Yoga Life Coaching

Yoga Life Coaching

Take action in your life.  Yoga life coaching is fast and effective method that helps you see your unlimited potential and act with boundless energy to enrich your life as well as others.  Yoga Life Coaching is a process of guiding personal inquiry.  Your coach does not tell you what to do or how to do it.  Instead your coach will ask you questions that will reveal what you believe is your best path.  Yoga Life Coaching is a great way to:

  • Facilitate your personal growth
  • Navigate major life changes or events
  • Establish goals and create accountability for your goals
  • Get feedback
  • Tackle the unexpected challenges in your life
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Yoga Testimonials

Yoga Testimonials

Yoga Testimonials



Yoga is good for my body but finding a teacher who pushes you mentally as well as physically is a gift.  I appreciated Amy from the first class and wish I could go to all of her classes.  She pushes me to be present by challenging me in each pose.  Sometimes the push is to sit in the pain an discomfort when holding it for a long time.  She reminds us that the mind gives up way before the body.  Other times, she reminds us that fear does't serve us; it just holds us back.  So what if we fall or face plant?  We tried--that's what matters. 

A few classes ago she really touched my heart.  She saw tears streaming down my face at one point and was attentive to my spiritual being as well as continuing to teach.  She sensed that I was hurting and kept saying exactly what I needed to hear.  At one point, she said "Did you know it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill?"  I was struggling with what kind of mother I'm being, focused on how I'm failing and ruining my kids.  I asked "How many days is 10,000 hours?"  She didn't know but she looked it up and told me before Shivasana.  "10,000 hours is 416 days."  In my head, I thought, "Well, I've failed. I should have motherhood down by now."  A few minutes later Amy said, "You have to remember that kids are constantly changing though.  If they stayed the same you would've mastered it but they don't so you have to keep learning and keep trying your best."  She was right, of course, but I was so grateful that she was really trying to help me work through a mental block WHILE teaching.  I hadn't told her what I was thinking but she was aware.  She really helped me that day and her words have stayed with me several weeks later.

I went to class again today and walked out limping but rejuvinated.  Yoga is great, but when you find the right teacher, it's life changing.  Thank you Amy for being YOU!  I'll keep showing up to learn life lessons and strengthen my body and mind with your guidance!!  Hugs, Angela B. Usas




I attended Amy's Saturday morning 90 minute All Levels Yoga.   Even on a holiday weekend, she had a full roster.  Amy, a vivacious pixie-cut blonde built possibly of steel, warmly approached me as I rolled out my mat, asked my name, my story, and that little dialogue put me at ease.  I absolutely love when instructors begin a class by fostering community, which really is one of the essential intentions of good yoga.  She opened the class asking if anybody had questions - ANY questions - one girl requested frog pose, and Amy agreed enthusiastically, and a guy said "what is the purpose of life" (half-joking) and Amy said: I don't know!  What is YOUR purpose?  My purpose is to serve.   I thought, in own head, my purpose is to create as much harmony and laughter as possible, and I began my practice with that intention, which kicked things off well on a personal level.    

The room is warm, but not hot, which is clutch.  You will SWEAT in this class, so drink a lot of water beforehand and afterwards.  This was easily one of the most challenging classes I've taken in some time; however, Amy was inspiring and not pushy, and the tone of the class is this: you are encouraged throughout to listen to your body cues and go at your own pace.  I have been a lazy bum for a few months, so I definitely resorted to resting poses at times when other members of the class did headstands or crow without feeling at ALL judged or concerned with not 'keeping up'. However, if you want to be pushed, you will be!  The instructor and her assistant were verbal and active in the practice.  This is great because you won't slack and you will get the absolute most out of your class.

About an hour in, I felt at moments like just laying down for a nap, but you are really pushed to your inner as well as physical limits in this class, and fortitude - along with some well-timed backbends and stretching after all of the great flow - made it possible.  It actually went really fast and I actually had a few moments of being purely in the moment which is why I take yoga and struggle to do so.  That always signals a great class to me if I can really take the moment and be IN it.  




Before beginning my practice with Amy, I had been practicing yoga off and on for about 10 years. I hadn't really found a practice that really spoke to me on both a physical and emotional level to keep me engaged and dedicated to my practice. Amy's style of teaching and willingness to bring her own emotion and life experiences- as well as an intense physical practice- to each class has me connected to my body and mind in a new way. I leave Amy's classes refreshed, centered, focused and looking forward to continuing to grow both emotionally and physically strong through my continued practice. Practicing with Amy has changed both my body and mind!




Amy is a very special yoga instructor.  She brings so much energy to the room that you cannot help but work your butt off.  At the same time, she brings a tremendous amount of compassion.  She brings both sthira and sukha!  When you take one of Amy's classes, you can expect to work your butt off but also to be reminded to be gentle with yourself.  It is a unique and rare combination!