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About MAT


About MAT


In recent years, a revolutionary new process has evolved for analyzing and correcting muscular imbalances in the body. It has dramatically improved functional capabilities in people of all ages and activity levels. It has been successful in enhancing muscle recovery, reducing pain and fatigue in athletes and non-athletes alike. This process is a biomechanically-based system called Muscle Activation Techniques. It was developed by Greg Roskopf, a biomechanics consultant to several NFL and NBA professional sports teams. For more information about Roskopf and MAT, please visit the MAT website

If you are experiencing joint or muscle pain, feel misaligned,  or want to move more efficiently, contact us to set up your  consultation.   


MAT Location

MAT Location


Muscle Mind Motion

Amy sees Muscle Activation Techniques' clients by appointment only. Email or call to schedule a consultation. 

Chiropractor’s Office in Hyde Park Building
4141 N. Henderson, Arlington VA 22203

Phone 703.629.2406

Street Parking:  
Free, but limited parking on N. Henderson and N. Thomas Streets.

Garage Parking:
Free and plentiful.  Entrance on the south side of Glebe Rd.  Intercom the Hyde Park Front Office.  Tell them you are going to Chiropractor’s office. They will open the garage.  Park anywhere on first level.  Follow signs to Lobby.  Exit Lobby to outside.  Chiroprator’s Office is the last exterior office on your right.  


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Phone 703.629.2406


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MAT Testimonials

MAT Testimonials

MAT Testimonials

Joanne Burke

About one year ago, a few days after my first or second session with Amy, I was in the Giant, picking up a few things on my way home from work. My back hurt so bad, with pain shooting down my leg, that I was almost in tears. I thought “I just have to make it home, and I’ll do those exercises; maybe it will help.” Everything else I’d done helped a little, but not much. Not physical therapy, not various medications, not even epidural injections. Pain interfered with my sleep, and kept me from exercising, including the modern dance classes that I love. I was miserable. That day, I limped into the house, dumped the groceries and got down on my hands and knees. I don’t think I even took off my jacket. I did the three or four exercises Amy had given me, and the pain went away. That moment was a real turning point for me.

Now I am taking two modern dance classes a week, a challenging yoga class and I hike at Great Falls two days a week. I’m able to stand for long periods without pain. I can sleep! I am not afraid to try new activities and push myself.

It’s not a miracle. Amy’s knowledge of how the body works, and her expertise in MAT along with my doing the exercises is what has enabled me to get moving again. Working with Amy has really improved the quality of my life.    


Alison Miller

Amy has helped me tremendously in both my yoga practice and my musculoskeletal awareness.  I also took my teenage daughter to Amy for knee help so she could do a mountainous 80-mile hike last summer. Amy fixed her right up, much to our relief!  Amy is a pleasure to work with and I have referred others to her as well, with great results.


Shana Davidson

I would tell you that what Amy does is magic except I know her work not magic.  It is based on a deep knowledge of human anatomy.  To me it feels like magic, though!  I walk in feeling awful and I walk out feeling so much better.  For any muscle or joint injury, I always ask for Amy's help first.


Melita McCully

No more pain and IT works!

IT is muscle activation techniques or MAT.  MAT Specialists Amy Walter and Dan Harman enabled me to avoid double knee replacement and shoulder repair surgeries.  Not only did I avoid multiple surgeries I am able to lead a more active life --- learning to play golf, working out at the gym and playing with my dogs. 

When I explained to my orthopedic surgeon what I was doing with my MAT trainers he told me I could skip physical therapy.  I have injured myself many times over the years and I just wish I had been able to see a MAT specialist earlier in life.  I am convinced the MAT program could have prevented some of my injuries while enabling me to recover more rapidly from the others. 

Try it and you will see the difference in your range of motion, strength and most importantly the absence of pain!


Lisa M. 

 When I was 46 years old, I decided to run a marathon.  I had never run before.  Besides, it was for a good cause:  AIDS.  So, I didn’t know when I was injured – I assumed I was just sore……I completed the marathon, and a few months later, I ran a half marathon. Occasionally, I went to a podiatrist, an orthopedic, and a physical therapist for various ailments. But, hey, I was looking and feeling great.  There was no stopping me!  I decided to train for a second marathon. 

 I came out of my 17 mile training run feeling really good.  Two days afterward, I was late for a doctor’s appointment.  For just ten minutes, I bolted up a hill faster than I’d ever run before.  After the appointment, my feet were in agony.  Something told me I better not run. 

The marathon was just six weeks away.  I had already tried all those other doctors, even acupuncture.  Part of me began to reconcile myself to missing out on this one.  Until I found Amy.  Once a week we would meet.  She put her heart and soul into her muscle activation technique.  She gave me simple isometric exercises.  She got rid of my orthotics.  Combined with her athletic abilities and knowledge, she got me through those six weeks.  She cheered me on.  Although I had not run in six weeks, she convinced me I could run the half marathon.  I did, in record time for me.     

Amy is a unique individual.  Her energy is boundless.  She rejoices in health.  She is completely committed to making her patients better.  She provides customized treatment to individual problems.   I can’t thank Amy enough for helping me realize a goal which I never thought I could achieve. 


Lucilla Tan

In 2003, I suffered 3rd degree burns to my upper right body and arm, constituting about 13 percent of total body surface area.  I received skin grafts to these areas.  It takes an average of 12-18 months for the scars to mature.  Throughout the scar maturation process, minimizing hypertrophic scarring and contractures are priorities for the burn survivor - and these are accomplished through scar massage, wearing pressure garments, and exercise.

For me, the danger of contractures was in my shoulder-axilla area - I had difficulty lifting my right arm above my shoulder, across my chest, laterally to my side, and reaching my back.  My right shoulder was also drooping noticeably.  The exercises recommended for me by the burn clinic therapists primarily aimed at stretching my arm - working with pulleys, stretching against the wall, and performing other stretches.  I continued this regimen twice-a-day for several months, but there was no apparent significant improvement in my range of motion.

Amy was about two-thirds through her MAT course by this time.  Because I was already in a lot of pain, she suggested that whilst I may not yet be ready for MAT's pressure point treatments, I may like to try MAT's muscle strengthening exercises for my shoulder area.  I began with adding 2 of Amy's recommended exercises to my twice-a-day exercise regimen.  Just over a week later, a small but noticeable improvement in my range was accomplished!  That marked improvement engendered hope, and inspired me to embrace all that was entailed in my rehabilitation with new vigor!  

It's been about 7 months since that breakthrough, and Amy has since added a few more MAT exercises to my repertoire.  I'm pleased to share that my range of motion has since continued to improve.    I'll still be continuing my exercises and skin care routine for some time to come as the scar maturation process is still on-going.  Amy's tough - but caring!  THANK YOU Amy!