Amy Walter

Amy Walter

Amy Walter is a power yoga instructor, a Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) Specialist and both a teacher and student of yoga anatomy. Amy’s passion about how the human body moves is contagious. Her anatomy workshops for yoga teachers and students are dynamic interactive explorations of how the joints move in asana. She teaches with an appreciation for the diversity and individuality of each human body and how, with the proper modification, anyone can practice and benefit from yoga. 

Amy has been in the fitness industry since 1992. She created an employee-run fitness center for a government agency in 1992, became an ACE certified personal trainer in 1995 and opened a Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) practice in 2003 to help people with joint mobility limitations. Amy has practiced yoga for over 20 years and was inspired to teach after taking a power yoga podcast from Philip Urso in 2009.

Amy’s extensive training in the muscular system and biomechanics is with exercise physiologists, physical therapists and a philosopher:  Greg Roskopf, Gary Gray, Dr. David Tiberio, Tom Purvis, and Gil Hedley. Amy is registered with the Yoga Alliance as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with over 500 hours of training (E-RYT 500). Her yoga trainings include Yoga Bootcamps (Levels 1 and 2) under Baron Baptiste, yoga anatomy with Ray Long and multiple advanced teacher trainings with Deborah Williamson, Philip Urso and Stacy Dockins. She currently teaches in Arlington, Falls Church, and Washington, DC.


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YOGA & ANATOMY TRAININGS                                                                    

Deborah Williamson, various trainings (200+ Hours) - 2014 - 2013

Philip Urso, Stacy Dockins, Deborah Williamson, Advanced Vinyasa (40 Hours) - 2012

Philip Urso, Teaching Spirituality (20 Hours) - 2012

Ray Long, Anatomy for Yoga (12 Hours) - 2012

Baron Baptiste, Level 2 Teacher Training (96 Hours) - 2011

Baron Baptiste, Level 1 Teacher Training (96 Hours) - 2010

Dancing Mind Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training, Paula Baake - 2009

Resistance Training Specialist 123, Biomechanics Training (48 Hours), Charlie McMillan - 2009

Client Intake and Practice Management (92 Hours), Greg Mack - 2008

Gray Institute for Functional Training Mentorship, (300+ Hours), Gary Gray, Dave Tiberio - 2007

Resistance Training Specialist Master Trainings – RTS Science, RTS Trunk & Spine, Tom Purvis - 2004 - 2005

Cadaver Anatomy (16 Hours), Joe, DeAntonis - 2004

Muscle Activation Techniques (174+ Hours), Greg Roskopf  - 2003

MAT Continuing Education - 2003-2014:

Foot Function (60 hours), Master Level Lower Body (32 hours), Master Level Upper Extremity (32 hours), Master Level Wrist & Hand (16 hours), Master Level Trunk & Spine (32 hours) Neurophysiology (8 hours), Palpation (32 Hours), Connective Tissue (8 Hours) 


REGISTERED YOGA TEACHER RYT200, Yoga Alliance - 2011- 2011


REGISTERED YOGA TEACHER RYT-500, Yoga Alliance - 2014 - Present

MUSCLE ACTIVATION TECHNIQUESTM (MAT), Certified Specialist - 2004 - Present

AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EXERCISE, Certified Personal Trainer - 1995 - Present



YOGA Life Coach Associate - Certification In Progress